Saturday, July 7, 2012

Is the floor shaking? And other observations from Type A

I'm home from  Type A Conference. This was the 5th year of the parenting and Social media conference and my 2nd time attending. If you may recall i was feeling very out of my element last year when i decided to attend, but came home excited and felt it was well worth it. This year i jumped on the alumni rate and got my ticket about 10 months ago.

Type A moved to Charlotte so YAY its even closer to home. I was so excited about attending i could not wait till i dropped C1 off at the airport to spend some time with her great-grandma. I have been blogging for 8 years and i still don't feel like I'm well known but it was great to see so many much more well-read bloggers say hi and remember me from last year. Those who know me know one of the biggest issues i create for myself when blogging is my "get up and go" take on life. I seem to spend more time at a tweetup or a social media party than i actually do blogging and i felt that was why i didn't belong at a blogging conference. But then i realized Type A is not just about blogging. When i sat in the great sessions like Affiliate marketing from Brian at ShareASale which i can apply to my blog i also sat in social media ones like the kick-ass Google+ session by Lynette Young. I was reminded that email is not! dead and i do love my email box, probably because i hate the Facebook one, while sitting in Phil Hollow's session. There were sessions for Tribes so you can share info and ideas with your niche, which Nicole will tell you does not rhyme with bitch but she calls me her favorite bitch.

OH!! And there's networking, they did a great cocktail hour this year. No DJ, no dimmed lights or someone talking while you type away just high top tables, drinks and business cards.

Then there's the parties which you know are at the top of my list. Sure the learning is all fun and good but I'm all about getting out. i really enjoy these things because at the end of the day I'm a social butterfly trying to turn into a social media butterfly. Hmm maybe i should start event planing? Anyway. The parties meant i got to laugh, drink and snap pictures with some of the people who i previously only knew by their twitter handles as well as connect with those who because there are several sessions at once i happened to not see during the day. That means i got to hope a ride with Anissa on her wheelchair and maybe cop a feel. (I'm nothing if not inappropriate).

Me and Robin got to act silly in a photo booth, then danced to Baby Got Back, as you do.

Thats lemmons with a P.

I did pop rocks and champagne on a dare and got one other person to do it with me. I spend the nights after the parties ended hanging out at the bar with Robyn who was always there when i heading down the escalator barefoot. Yes i still have all my toes.

I approach conferences as parties with daytime learning. It works for me and i wouldn't change a thing. Now to figure out how to get myself to Blogher 12.


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