Saturday, July 7, 2012

Movie Review - Savages

Two best friends manage to create an extremely lucrative independent drug business. Ben (Aaron Johnson)  and Chon (Taylor Kitsch) as well as their shared woman Ophelia (Gossip Girl's Blake Lively) aren't a crosswords with their business. Elena (Selma Hayek) is a top level Mexican drug lord, She runs the BaJa Cartel which is referred to as the Walmart of the drug world, has her guys bring an offer to to partner with Ben and Chon. Ben is looking to get out of the business, Chon likes his life and isn't ready to leave. When Elena's #1 Lieutenant Lado ( Benicio Del Toro) while casing the trio is trying to figure out their relationship as well as if they will take the deal or not gets suspicious and kidnaps O all hell breaks lose. Thruoughout the film they each call each other Savages.

O loves Ben and Chon and they both love her and would do anything to keep her. The dynamic of their relationship isn't really picked apart until O is kidnapped and spends time with Elena. O is a rich girl who feels like the only home she's ever had is with Ben & Chon. Ben is the peaceful brains of the operation, he's what make their weed so potent is highly desired, he uses much of his profits for philanthropy, building schools and installing clean water in 3rd world countries. Chon is a former Navy S.E.A.L who came back from several tours in Afghanistan morally bankrupt, soulless and with the seeds to grow some of the best weed with Ben's knowledge. He's the muscle behind Ben. They share O but its clear they love each other above everything and want to protect O.

The guys choosing to close up shop and run instead of taking Elena's deal is what sets this whole thing in motion. Mixed within all of this is a corrupt DEA agent Dennis (John Travolta) who is smart enough to play all sides of the game and leak whatever he needs to keep moving up the career ladder. All involved parts don't realize that Dennis plays them all and is only looking out for himself but they all have enjoy dirt on him to keep him in line. Lado is also double crossing Elena and making plans to unite with a recently released from prison former drug lord. He knows that with the upcoming elections Elena could lose everything and he's not going down with the ship.

The movie has the trademarks you expect from Oliver Stone, the blood, the gore, the violence, the young and yet short-sighted characters, the ruthless antagonist. Its all there and i was really enjoying this movie till i got to the final 20 minutes. The ending was just too damned neat for me. I know this is based on a book which i did not read, but the ending was clean and i don't like clean, hell Oliver Stone doesn't do clean. It just wasn't right for me. I really expected it to play out differently, even the alternate endings rewind still wasn't what make it better. I expected the ending to be somewhere between the two. It sorta killed it for me. I now need to go check out the book and see how it compares.

I give this movie a Matinee. Its good classic Stone up to a point. It could have ended differently and i would have gladly given it a full price. I really prefer drama but I'm not all for happy endings. This ending isn't all around happy only for a few people but its cleanly ended no hanging thoughts no left to the viewers imaginations.

Savages is rated R.

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