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I'm Kia. Loud, opinionated, passionate, and yet people still spend time with me. I'm a social butterfly and would rather be out with friends. I have a full-time job, i love working outside the home, and love the field I'm in. I'm also a mom. I'm not a mommy blogger, most of my posts will not be about my daughter but i'll put her in this blurb anyway.

I have a thing for ice cream

My daughter is a teen who also has autism. Yep i'm not an autism blogger either. i am VERY pro-vaxx though and take issue with people named McCarthy. Didn't we learn anything the last time? Most of the time if i end up talking about autism it will be because there are lots of trying days. She's mainstreamed because she's on the high functioning end of the spectrum but puberty has not been kind.

This is what she does the moment she comes hom...
I see this a lot afterschool (Photo credit: Not the car)
I spend an insane amount of time inside my truck, and i have a considerable snarky and borderline obscene t-shirt collection. Yes i'm 35 but i still get a kick out of showing up to PTA meetings in shirt that says i put the T&A in PTA.

I'm that mom you see that doesn't drive the mini-van, watches her kid's softball game quietly, and sits in the parking lot outside of practice with the windows down and the radio loud. I'm not polished (except my toes), I don't hover and I can always been found in jeans and a t-shirt, hence the name of this blog.

So that's my life in a nutshell. There's no telling what you may get here, hopefully you will be entertained.

All content is original and came pouring out of my head not yours. Don't steal from me. i'm mean, vindictive and related to people in law enforcement, sketchy lawyers and others with high military security clearances. You don't want to find out what i'm capable of.

If you really need to reach me for some reason, to send me hate mail, ask me private questions, orjust shoot the shit you can send an email to kiaATjeansandtshirtDOTcom
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