Friday, June 29, 2012

Movie Review - Ted

When a movie opens with a story about a young boy from Boston who has no friends and its narrated by Patrick Stewart you immediately perk up. When the boy gets a teddy bear he loves more than anything, wishes it would come to live and it happens, you know it can only get crazier. When his parents freak the fuck out because this happened its not a figment of his imagination, you know you're in for a different type of movie. Plus its from Seth McFarlane the guy who must have a say in all programming on Adult Swim

Ted stars Mark Wahlberg in all his Boston glory as John Bennett who when he was 8 wished that his only friend in the world his teddy bear would be alive and well it worked. John grows up to be a lazy, weed smoking obsessed with Flash Gordon rental car agent and Ted ends up as his weed smoking hooker buying best friend. Now 35 John has a successful girlfriend Lori who likes Ted but thanks to others around her begins to think having ted around is a bad idea.

Ted is crude, rude and high 90% of the movie. Ted and John don't have anyone forcing them to act like grownups so they don't and all of the expected crazy, surrounds them. Nobody in John's circle seems to think there's anything wrong with his lifestyle so he has no real incentive to change. The movie has a subplot with a really creepy father and son team who are way to interested in Ted, plus there are several appearances that i will not spoil because they are comedy gold in each of them.

While this movie is sorta a coming of age its just as much fart jokes, drug references and it makes fun of jesus freaks, and still manages to make you laugh. this movie will entertain you if you like potty jokes. Its not for the easily offended as they take shots at everybody in this movie. I guess several people were offended by the jokes in 21 Jump Street but this is far more offensive to all not that i have a problem with that. I like it but cmon Flash Gordon references are all up in this movie. FLASH ahah savior of the universe. 

I give this movie a matinee. Its good and entertaining but i admittedly liked The Hangover more. I would easily put this movie on par with Harold & Kumar go to White Castle. 

Ted is Rated R. Its not for the kiddies no matter how cute Ted looks. 


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