Saturday, December 31, 2011

My How She's Grown

My favorite picture of her. Age 2.
The end of the year always brings the same thing to me. C1's birthday. This year she's 14. WOW. Fourteen. I managed to raise a child to 14 with only minor injuries. No broken bones, 1 ear infection, 2 ER visits, 1 case of chicken pox, and a small house fire i put out pretty damn fast. I guess i'm out of the childhood maiming phase huh? That means i'm in the teen acne, hormones, dating, holy shit i can't afford college phase. Hmm the other phase doesn't sound so bad in hindsight.

I just never know what life is going to bring me when it comes to this one. I've been given curve ball after curve ball and i haven't hit any homeruns but i'm at least getting on base.
She moody and cranky and autistic and she's still perfect. She's short and thin with legs so powerful she can leg press almost twice her body weigh. She's perfect.
She still eats by color, reads 200+ books a year, and can recite everything in a particular episode of Pokemon. She's perfect.
She'll watch the same movie every night for 2 months before bed, celebrates lots of holidays (obscure and all), thinks boys are weird, and takes way to long to comb her hair in the morning. She's perfect.
She loves to shop and buy trendy clothes, then mix it up with some insanely clashly accessory, she can shoot a rifle, is begging for archery lessons to improve her aim, and still plays with dolls. She's perfect.

She's 14 now, and she's still perfect.

age 14

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