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The Good, Bad and Tragic in movies 2011

This year seems like it was a banner year in movies right? Its kinda interesting to go back and look at some of the things that came out. I know most people like to do their best of the year but i saw quite a few things this year and some were spectacularly terrible. If you are wondering how i got to see so many movies well it was a mixed bag. I got some free screening passes to the majority of the movies on my list. i wasn't required to do anything for the passes, a small handful of movies i paid to see. So here's some lists and some notes on why.

The Good: This list features 2 movies by people i don't really care for so that's saying something!
Bridesmaids (Image via

  1. Bridesmaids
  2. The King's Speech*
  3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
  4. The Debt
  5. Moneyball
  6. 50/50
  7. Hugo
  8. Country Strong

The 2 surprises for me were Moneyball which i was so impressed with. I adored that movie from beginning to end and i don't even like Brad Pitt. Maybe i liked it so much because he kept his shirt on? It was just a great movie. I know the backstory but i couldn't remember how it turned out so the ending was well done. Country Strong was another surprise. It was just a great story that didn't have a Hollywood ending and i loved it because of that. Everything about that movie worked for me. I know that for some people the King's Speech came out in 2010, but i no longer live in the big markets of NYC or LA so i had to wait a while for it to get out of limited release.

The "Could have been better": Either i went into these movies expecting more and they didn't deliver or they just weren't good enough. They weren't bad just not great.
  1. Killer Elite
  2. The Mechanic
  3. The Ides of March
  4. I am Number Four
  5. The Green Hornet
I don't know why Killer Elite didn't work for me. It had Clive Owen in it! How do i not like a Clive Owen movie??? I just didn't. I paid to see that and kinda wanted my $7 back. I clearly expected more from Ides of March, i was expecting a different kind of political movie and it was just really predictable. It wasn't bad but it could have been much better.

The Good: They were good or good enough. Ranked in order of how i liked them.
  1. Limitless
  2. Happy Feet Two
  3. The Adjustment Bureau
  4. Thor
  5. 30 Minutes or Less
  6. Captain America: the First Avenger
  7. Sucker Punch
  8. Crazy, Stupid, Love.
  9. The Change-Up
  10. Kung Fu Panda 2
  11. The Three Musketeers
  12. Rio
I like stoner and potty humor so 30 Minutes or Less which i laughed thru 90% of that movie worked for me. It might not be your thing but it was mine. Sucker Punch i took at face value; Woman dressed as school girls blowing shit up. I didn't try to read into it and i didn't expect anything else so it was good it me.

The Tragic: I am so glad i didn't pay movie to see these. i might have to cut somebody.

Gnomeo & Juliet

The Unseen: These movies were all on my to watch list but i either didn't get a chance because i was out of town during the screening or i just never got a chance when it was in theatres and i'm waiting for the DVD release.

Attack the Block
J. Edgar
The Descendants
The Company Men

How many movies did you see this year? Is there's something i didn't see that i should add to my Unseen list? Something you widely disagree with me on? Let me know.

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