Thursday, December 22, 2011

Time to light the menorah

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For those of you who have been reading for a few years you know that we celebrate almost every holiday in this house and Hanukkah is no exception. C1 is a bit upset that since it overlaps with Christmas this year and we will be in wrong island with my parents that i told her i wouldn't pack the menorah and take it up with us. I'm just not in the mood for what could be some insane TSA worker about why i have a wax covered menorah in my carry-on and then i'll have a stimming teenager in meltdown in the middle of the fucking airport. No i'm good.

This year the town over hosted its 1st annual Jewish Cultural festival and menorah lighting. Now i don't live in a Jewish neighborhood so i vastly underestimated the crowd. The Rabbi admitted he did as well and was completely taken aback by how many people showed up. It was well advertised so many non-jews like myself showed up in droves. It was so crowded i barely got any good pictures. Regardless it was great to see a menorah lighting in person. C1 has never seen one and i haven't gone to one since i left Brooklyn.

The festival itself was help inside the newly finished Cary Arts Center. They had a wide variety of activities and things to see, there was an oil pressing demo, some Jewish art, a menorah made out of cans donated for the food drive, and several make and take activities for smaller kids. We didn't stay too long after the lighting because it was pretty hot and still a bit busy. C1 got herself a necklace and even though they tried i didn't purchase any of the massive amounts of jelly donuts from Krispy Kreme they had all over the place. It was definitely a good time and i'm glad we went.

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