Friday, July 15, 2011

A pile for everything

Yes its pretty much Friday but it took me a while to do Mel's capture the everyday. This week was all about piles, i have entirely too much experience with them. Since I've been doing the 52 weeks of organization half of my list is what to do with an existing pile. The other half seems to be correcting a space. Unfortunately usually each finished section results in a new pile created. So here are some of the piles that i try not to trip over.

The incoming mail pile
mail or something
This is where i keep all of the mail until i finally get around to reading, trashing, shredding it. Why the gloves are there? i have no earthly idea.

The kitchen island counter
I sense a theme here as several other link ups feature this same location. I cropped out the empty soda can that didn't make it into the recycling bin yet. You name it its there, my Meet-meme cards, an empty box for rewetting drops, an oil change receipt, probably a report card or 7. I don't even know half the time.

Receipts? we got that
tape and receipts
This pile started when i came back from the beach christmas 2010. i wanted to see what i had bought while there to track my spending. The pile just keeps getting more receipts now in case i need to return something. The box are some notecards that will be returned once i match up the receipt, and the packing tape was just resting there from when i boxed up C1's camp package.

Miscellany bathroom storage
bathroom thingamajig
This actually ended up in my bathroom because i was doing my 52 Weeks project. I finished it and this box is the extra stuff i got rid of from the space but didn't know exactly what to do with it yet.

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