Thursday, July 7, 2011

Can't you just leave now?

That is what C1 said to me REPEATEDLY when i dropped her off at sleepaway camp Sunday. I got her checked in, helped her unpack and arrange her bunk, dropped off her meds witht he nurses, and discuessed her food allergy. I even picked out what size shirt she needed to grab. All this and i'm sweating buckets because its blazing hot in her cabin. I've been here 25 minutes and she won't stop saying it.


C1 at a different camp
I had every intention of leaving, i wanted some ice cream i didn't really want to be standing there but i knew i had to get her set up. Even though we were in the first pack at the gate not knowing where the cabin was meant she got the last free bunk. Half the parents were done and leaving when we got there. Again i'm sweating because there's no ventilation and 14 girls in one room and she wants to know when i'm leaving. I'm jonesing for a custard soda trust me i don't want to still be there but she's still not signed up for activities. I announced loudly int he general direction of her cabin counselor i would leave once she was signed up. So i cheated just a tad. She happily smiled and turned to sign up C1 next instead of the other 3 girls waited. Once she was done i got a half side hug, a loud annoyed sigh from C1 and she went over to the sofa in the common room to sit under the fan.
Seriously I just wanted to make sure she got a spot in archery before i left. i really didn't want to hear later about it being crowded.

I was there 45 minutes. i high tailed it straight to Goodberry's. If she's like this at camp drop off imagine if she goes away to college.


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