Thursday, July 21, 2011

How tweeting changed my TV habits

I'll be the first to admit i watch a lot of TV, i always have. Add that to my weird ability to retain infinite amounts of completely useless information and i'm a game show away from a huge payday. Of course this doesn't help me in my real life. Even so TV has managed to bring me new friends and keep me connected to old friends? How?

Via da twitta.

Watching TV and live tweeting has become almost a sport. Its amazing. Its also changed what i watch.

Before i started live tweeting TV i was a reality TV snob. I watched the Amazing Race. I loved that show and still mostly do save the dreadful family season. I watched a little Intervention here and there but that was about it. I've always been the scripted drama or sitcom watcher. I have been enjoying watching Mad Men, Game of Thrones, How i met your Mother, And the extrememly campy Adam West version of Batman.

I watch Sunglasses of Justice because i can be insanely snarky about a show that clearly doesn't taken itself seriously. You see Thats not cold.... its Cold blooded. (run out of frame cue theme music) 

CSI: Miami (season 3)Image via Wikipedia

Idol? maybe 4 episodes ever.
Survivor? I watched Rupert's season, it was a pirate theme and i never watched again.
Jon and Kate? what are you high?
Big Brother? nope that's Labmom's territory, and she is excellent in her dissection of that show.

Twitter is a haven for snarky reality show watching. I have a few friends who always watch Toddlers and Tiaras, Bachelor, and Hoarders, 3 shows i would never watch. Then something happened.

TLC, also known as the Tweeting live channel. Back when it was "The Learning Channel" i remember watching it sometimes. I could see old Martha Stewart shows, Some instructional things and there was actual learning. When they changed their formula i stopped watching this channel because it became the home of bad reality. If its trashy TLC has first dibs.
Now there's none of that. You get shows like, the previously mentioned Toddler and Tiaras, a show that brings us into a world most only know because of Jon Benet Ramsey. That woman with the reverse mullet Kate and her children now that she's ditched the husband. Sister Wives (hello polygamy), My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, My Strange Addiction (you really don't want to know) and the often controversial Extreme Couponing.

Add a bunch of people on twitter live tweeting these shows and you have magic. I started watching shows i never would have even considered. I eagerly looked forward tot he premiere of Dance Moms on Lifetime. Scripted snark is still good but reality snark is comedy gold. You will of course get people who adore some of these reality "stars" and want to scold you for being so harsh. Yes they are real people but no one forced them to be on TV for my entertainment, they did it for the money lets be real here. So they provide me with entertainment, and da twitta provides me with a circle of other watchers who are enjoying every minute of it.

So next time you find yourself watching bad reality log into twitter. You may find your tribe,

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