Thursday, May 5, 2011


Two Kids, boy and girl (Trysta), Watch the Par...Image by mikebaird via FlickrWhen most children are around 2-4 they enter a WHY phase. The one where every single thing you say or that happens is followed with a Why? Why Mommy?!?! At least i think thats how it goes. C1 was non-verbal so i never had the Why phase. I'm sure she was thinking it.

The reason why i think about this is because now i have the reverse. Every single day when C1 comes home from school I ask how her day went. Every time we are int he car after a practice or i pick her up from an event I ask the same questions. I now general questions are hard for a kid on the autism so i tend to ask very specific questions like "what did you eat at school?" or "How many times did you bat?" Except a good percentage of the time i'm met with "i don't know". And she's saying it because she doesn't want to talk. If she had a bad day i don't know is followed by the ever popular i'm done talking.

Part of me is happy she's doing the typical teen thing, Mom is up in my business i don't want to talk about it. Then part of me is sad because she has a habit of holding in the things that upset her and then at the most random times and tot he most random people telling all her troubles. Lets not walk the path again where she was bullied and never told me but told someone else who then decided to scream at me for not doing anything about it and not knowing about it. THANKS MOM!

Its still dicey in our house. I have to find the balance of how many questions i can ask before i get the total shutdown. And yet i think is this what those toddler years would have been like? would i be just as irate with her as she seems with me when its 1 question to many? I've never had to option to use the i told you so to her. i feel cheated somewhat. Its just so strange to live the reflection of a time you never experienced and to still be frustrated.

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