Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm going to Type A

AshevilleImage via WikipediaYes that's right, me the lazy blogger is going to a blogging conference. Even i can't really believe in but now i've got about 8 days left. Those of you who remember my 1st blog which i closes 4 years ago know i used to be a 6 day a week blogger. I had a lot to say. And then i stopped. It just wasn't in me anymore. I closed the blog opened this one about a month later and still never got back into blogging.

So here i am going to a conference and i have no idea why.
Ok that's a lie i know exactly why i'm going. Parties. Socializing. Events. The blogging panels yeah sure but they aren't my #1 reason to go. Then a fumy thing happened. I started seeing others who were going write about it. I saw the blogging exercises. i saw the lineup of speakers and the panels. Then me the "no niche blogger" decided there was a good reason to go. The main reason to go. To bring my blogging into this decade. Blogging has changed SO MUCH since i started blogging in 2004. Its all about ROI, SEO and some other acronyms that make me want VODKA.

So i'm going for the parties and the socializing but also because i do want to write again. I will go to panels and learn but i'm hoping to be inspired. Inspired to have content here. At the end of the day that is my end game.

So if you are going to Typeacon and you see me say hi, talk to me laugh with me i'll be enjoying myself and i won't be hard to spot, look for the sarcastic t-shirt. i probably will talk to you about everything but blogging but i will listen if you talk about it first.

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