Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reflections while cowering

Oh hell we need to go hide.

That was my thought while watching the tv reports of tornado touchdowns that according the WRAL were on a path to where we lived. Its crazy, just 5 minutes earlier i was trying to tell C1 to hurry up or we were going to miss the 1st roller derby bout. Now i am closing blinds unplugging things and we going into the our emergency weather protection room otherwise known as THE LAUNDRY ROOM.

Its so damn hot in here.

We only been in here twice before and not for long. Now i'm sitting here on the floor C1 is alternating between fear enclosure weirdness and pokemon. This really bites. I have no idea how long we will be in here because i don't have a weather radio. Sorta neglected to buy one of those.

I should probably take a few Words with friends turns. and see what's happening on twitter. It seems all the roller derby people are now in the basement. In hindsight i'm realizing C1 would have gone absolutely apeshit had we made it to roller derby. Autism and weather sirens do.not.mix.

So far she's playing but getting bored because i'm in her personal space. For once we are both thinking the same thing. On the plus side she's not panicking. Last time we were in here was murderous. she was stimming rocking and on the ledge the whole time. hence the DSi now. Hey don't judge me. i'd rather have a calm child in a storm than a freaking out one. The storm is scary enough.

You know i can't really hear too much of anything in here. I guess this is a pretty good room. Also this room is filthy. Clean laundry on top of the machines, dirty linen we are sitting on, on the floor. I really need to mop in here. I don't think i ever have since we lived here. Tha'ts a problem.

I have enough toilet paper. I'm sure 50 rolls is enough.
I am not a hoarder.
We need more cereal.

These bins i got from Container Store really are the shit. I need a few more but i can cross this off of my 52 weeks of organization list.

I really need to clean this room.
Some of the "Roller Derby Girls" of ...Image via Wikipedia
I think its time to do see if we can come out, i see Roller derby pics on Instagram.

This is a collection of my thoughts and actions during saturday's tornado that tore though central NC. While we had no personal loss and only a brief power outage, they are still my personal account of the afternoon. This does not diminish in any way those who had real personal loss of homes, vehicles and unfortunately loss of life. Everyone processes and experiences emergency events differently. My heart goes out to those families. 

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