Sunday, February 6, 2011

Walking in circles

I haven't updated in almost 2 weeks. I've just had nothing i wanted to talk about. And then C1 brought home the black plague and i ended up leaving lovely spots of vomit in a Barnes & Noble parking lot. What is there to say. My life has no huge things going on worthy of writing about.

In fact of have huge amounts of empty time. I hate that i'm still not working. I have way to much free time and while i kill a good amount of it in the above mention bookstore reading my nook (read free in store FTW) I still wish when i got up 6am i had someplace to go. I've spent so many years working that i've managed to figure out the most effective way to run errands in the hour from leaving work to getting home. I spend my evenings supervising homework when i used to just check its completion. My over involvement is from my boredom and is driving c1 crazy. She spent most of her life with me not hovering so she's not adjusting well either.

I need a job. and i miss the swedes.


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