Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A bone to pick

With Disney.
Everyone loves Disney, the concept the house that Walt built etc but every once in a while they do something that feels like they intentionally pissed in your wheaties.

A few days ago, while doing my very early morning horizontal email check i noticed an email from disney all about their Disney Junior launch. I thought it to be very odd so i marked it as unread to be dealt with when i got on my laptop.

I don't assume Disney is all knowing but i figured between me going to Disney World 8 times, taking C1 with me twice, having her go to Disneyland, and both of us being a previous Disney cruiser they would know enough about me to realize i'm not in the Disney targeted demographic for this email. And the email seemed very targeted not a mass mailing list email. or so i thought.

My orginal intention was to remove myself from this list. Sounds easy right?
Well it seems the only easy thing to do to place yourself on Disney's blanket do not contact list. That's easy. But you see since i happen to like Disney that was not my ideal choice. So after some poking around it appears you can edit some of your preferences.
Or so i thought.

So i click on through so i can remove myself from this particular email. You need to sign into your Disney Account to unsubscribe from just the one email list you were sent. You can manage them all there, but you have to sign in first? oh and in my case create an account in order to sign in, in order to unsubscribe from a list targeted to parents with children under the age of 6.

Seems like a lot of fucking hoops if you ask me.

So at this point i'm more then a bit miffed that something as simple asn an unsubscribe would be so complicated. On top of that my mind wonders to the Klout giveaway i was offered for a Tangled gift package, that i never received. So now Disney which has over then years been a great thing to me just burned me twice in less then 6 months.

I have to wonder, why would Disney make its email list so hard to be removed from? That's hardly good business practices and i can't see why they would think it would be an asset. What am i going to do with the emails marketed outside of my demographic? well as of know just mark them as spam. That's the easy once click choice. Its sad i have to do that but it shouldn't be so difficult.

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