Monday, September 27, 2010

look around and what do you see?

If you are here right now there's a 95% chance you read my blog before i took a hiatus. If you are new feel free to read the archives and take a look around.

So i took a hiatus after my grandfather died. I didn't do it intentionally, i was grieving and i'd fallen out of love with blogging. I started my first blog on 9.4.2004. Not this blog another one where i wrote under a pen name. i closed it when i turned 30 as well as some group blogs i had when i turned 30, i decided to just maintain this one. What happened? lots of stuff, my daughter's autism was overwhelming our lives, i lost my maternal grandmother who i lived with till i was 18 and my paternal grandfather who i loved more then air.

you know life.
and death.
but mostly life.

Even so with all of those things blogging stopped being important. You see i write for me, and to condense my feelings in one place for my friends. I'm busy way busy and all over the place, so blogging was originally a way to let everyone know what i was doing. Sometimes i ranted sometimes i put my heart on my sleeve, frequently i talked about my sex life and what i watched on TV. Exciting!

So for the 3 years this blog was live i was sporadic at best because of life and my drive to update was gone. i have been flirting with coming out of hiatus for several months. But something changed. The blogging word changed. mommy bloggers are no longer a phenom, everyone is working on the next deal, sponsorship, monetization, and followers. When i started blogging at most people wanted book deals but now there's reviews, and contests with 84 ways to get entries, and conferences. Now don't get me wrong I love me some conferences, or should i say i like social events. and conferences are social events, with a purpose, i may or may not care about.

So the question became do i bother to return? Do i get in the game i never played? Do i scrap and start all over again? what do i do????

At the end of the day i'm still me. I'm still going to be in it for my personal reasons, and blog because i feel it again. I'm still not capitalizing my i's, and will still talk about anything, everything, and nothing. In the end i'm still me and that's what counts.

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