Wednesday, September 29, 2010


A funny think happened on my way back to blogging. I mean besides life, i'm talking about twitter. You see i spent a good amount of time managing a company account as a twitter virgin and created a personal account as a way to test out apps, links, and anything else i didn't want to screw up on the company account. Because that's what i do, when i need to work with someone i create a clone and beat it up till its its my bitch.  I'm a tester and a damn good one.

So while i have been there, i've connected to people i know, people i've gotten to know and people who entertain me. And you know what i learned? a ton of these people blog. some of them are new, some pimp their blogs a ton so i went to add them to my reader and was pleasantly surprised, some don't mention it and in a casual profile examination i come across the address and read. There are old friends like Snarkymomma who i enjoy her company and her food and now i make it a point to read her blog and then there's people who are blogging mavens and i never knew like Mel at Adventuroo Seriously i've gone to dinner with her, played bunco with her and never ever knew she was a blogger. I was living under a rock apparently. And so i read her all the time and think about when's the next time i'll go hang out with her.

See how my mind works?
Dude these people blog and yet i didn't even notice!

So yes the landscape has changed and i'm not afraid but I'm much more aware of the fact that i don't have to fit the new mold. Or my old mold.


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