Saturday, December 26, 2009

It all comes down to a box of cereal

all you need is love (and bran)Image by Surreal Sways via FlickrI changed my facebook profile picture today. Its a pic of me and my grandfather dancing at a wedding. I'm about 7 or 8 and i was not standing on his toes like they do on TV. TOM emailed it to me today because i asked him to. it was one of the pictures that was showing in the DVD slide-show during his funeral. I'm still processing my grief. I've also been drinking a lovely concoction of lemonade and whiskey. YOM offered to do the slide-show for free. since its 'family'. i should know how much he charges for it but i don't really remember right now but he did a great job. the pictures spanned most of my grandfather's life, only 2 of his 4 children were in them and only 4 of his 10 grandkids. being the oldest i was in most of them, including the ones before he stopped walking. its a very surreal feeling to be sitting with your family and talking about things that you remember and you loved and they have no idea because of age. most of them barely remember his life before he was in the wheelchair. i still remember Saturday and Sunday mornings when both my parents worked i used to stay at their house. the only people awake in the house were me and pop-pop. we'd go in the kitchen he'd get 2 bowls, a tablespoon and a teaspoon and a box of bran flakes. he'd pour the bowls and then he'd sit and read the paper. on Sunday's he'd give me the funnies. we sat there in silence every weekend eating bran flakes together. just the 2 of us before the rest of the house stirred.

I haven't had bran flakes yet since he died last week. I'm almost positive I'm low. so if you see a grown woman in the cereal aisle holding a box of bran flakes and crying, leave me be. i just need a few minutes to compose myself.

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