Friday, September 4, 2009

Report card time

So this is the end of the 1st quarter of middle school. time to see what we get in terms of report cards.

well first its not in a nice manila envelope that i'm supposed to sign and return like elementary school. nope its a piece of heavier weight paper that was hand-folded clearly by c1 she proudly proclaimed she didn't have any F's before she found it. Well that can't be good.

So about 10 minutes later she's found her 1st report card.
A in Gym
B in Band & Language Arts
C in Science and Social Studies
D in Math

Looks like i need to start paying money for the math tutor again. somehow all the progress we got from the tutor disappeared. I'm not upset, granted my report cards were way better then hers at that age but she's doing leaps above her father's old grades. Can't complain because like she said she didn't get an F.

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