Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What matters is i tried my best!

Those were the words c1 screamed at me during a meltdown she had yesterday and the first thing that popped in my head is 'i never say that' but for years she's been hearing it elsewhere. from school, from the league she used to play in where they didn't keep score (don't get me started) and apparently she's heard it so much that was her argument as to why it didn't matter that her homework was wrong just that it was finished. Yeah no.

This post isn't supposed to be about what i consider a phrase that sets your kid up for a life of medicroty and an adulthood of future disappoiontment from false hope but the fact that its overuse in the elementary years is partly why i'm having almost daily struggles with this middle school transition. I'm already still dealing with the mess that is the grading policy where anything below a 77 is a 'D'. so yeah me correcting this how coddle your children like they are still 9 months old bullshit. ugh.

Middle school is rough. c1 for the first month of school would just come home everyday and pass out sleep. This morning she couldn't find the jacket she wore just the day before. I glanced in her room and found it within 5 seconds on a visual scan but every single day she's frazzled. she's trying to claim school doesnt freak her out but she's so sure she's going to forget something it shows. she cracks easier... the transition i knew was going to be hard is taking longer then i thought.

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