Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pardon the dust...

OK so yeah its been 9 months since i last updated this thing. lets get a few particulars out of the way shall we?
-still only have 1 kid (but its been one nasty roller coaster with her)
-Still working the same job since thanksgiving
-still driving the same SUV
-Still have batshit crazy relatives
-still in school
-still single
-still live in the same place

Everything else is a whole lot of different, and some is pain in the ass others I'm realizing that it take more the 140 characters to say what I'm thinking. Those that I've befriended over the years know the basics because i haven't been unavailable I've just been really bad at updating. so sue me shit happens.

Anyhoo what's new? the kid's in middle school and boy is that an adventure. I'm pretty sure most of my updates will be of that nature for a while because its no secret I'm not particular fond of some of the staffers there. Like the gym teacher who neglected to notice c1 wasn't in her class for 8 days becasue she went to the wrong class. Or that when i asked her about it at open school night i got a whole lot of "umm" and i'll get back to you while she stared at the cieling. yeah still waiting.
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