Monday, December 29, 2008

What the heck did i buy?

So i really wanted to go to Ikea. i just can't wait till the Charlotte location opens in February. So i was trying to convince my mom to come with me, mostly so I'd have a hand loading the car, but she insisted only if we went to long island. so $15 worth of taxes later (it would have been cheaper to pay the tolls and gone to jersey) i got almost $180 worth of stuff. bags and bags and more stuff then imaginable. Whats funny is i went in to get a replacement for the chair i broke and a new desk for c1's new computer. i did get the chair for $8 but the desk was sold out and i think i went a little crazy with stuff on the downstairs level.

Anyway I did use my brand new GPS. why is a tom-tom such a learning curve? you would think it wouldn't be so bad but wow there was too much crazy going on with that thing.

Now I have a have to figure out the best way to pakc the truck.

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