Thursday, October 9, 2008

Don't stop till you save 70%

So my facebook status started a few questions about how the heck i saved 70% when i went food shopping yesterday. Triple coupons! they don't come around often but when they do you need to jump. So here's what i bought and the tally:

1- betty crocker brownies
2-warm delights
2-knorr pasta sides
1-hefty zipper bags
2-green giant veggies
1-land o lakes butter
1-mini bonbel cheese
1-betty crocker potatoes
1-domino brown sugar
2-swanson broth boxes
1-arnold bread
2-progesso soup
2-campbells soup
1-kikoman soy sauce
1-argo cornstarch
1-dole pineapple jar

TOTAL $51.10
OOP $15.38

I don't usually do that great. it takes a special savings event to do that good but i am still saving about 45% each time i by stuff which i thought would be had with all the orgnic stuff i buy. But they have coupons too. So you'll have to excuse me i have a coupon swap to attend tonight.

Tell your friends!

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