Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Although i think i drank way more than that. So here is part 2 of my vacation to the house that Walt built. We did the cruise that Walt didn't live to see. Yes after we packed up and the picked up our bags from the room at 8am thursday morning we leisurely had some breakfast c1 did more shopping and we waited for the bus to take up to the Disney Wonder.

So we got to the ship and this has been only my 2nd cruise. the other one was over 20 years ago. All i remember is that cruises weren't very child friendly back then. We had to wait a few more hours for the luggage but not as long as when Disney lost my luggage the day we arrived. They claim it takes 4 hours or less to get your bags, well they shouldn't have called and then knocked on the door to ask again what color my bags were. anyhoo... i took off to go register c1 for the kid's club, my mom and sd went somewhere else and then i took a look at the shore excursions. Mostly because i couldn't remember what day i had signed up for. An absolutely gorgeous man from south africa with piercing blue eye was behind the desk. Men should not be that pretty.

So after getting acclimated to where everything was and getting my first drink with rum c1 and i headed up top to do the farewell celebration with streamers and everything. of course there were also the disney characters dancing and what not, but we enjoyed and she took a few runs to the 24 hour soda machine. FYI Disney is Coke affiliated. I got another drink and went to go play bingo before dinner.

Friday we docked in the bahamas and all the pirate theme for talk like a pirate day kicked in. c1 and i took off for our shore excursion AK swim with the dolphins. I've always wanted to do this and i think it was just as great for me as it was for her. We didn't actually swim with them that was another program for an additional cost but it was sold out anyway. but we did get to hug, pet, shake, dance, and kiss the dolphin. To me that was good enough. Just like a crazy american i bought the overpriced photo opt pictures. woohoo capitalism and commercial greed! Surprisingly c1 didn't want to do any shopping, so we headed back to the boat she went to the kids club and i got more rum. while i was sitting and relaxing i ran into my mom and sd as they were heading to the wine tasting so i went too. i had some good bad and amazing wine, including one Shiraz that i drink very often. Disney of course makes their own champagne and it was really good. I got another drink and me and c1 ate diner at the french place with the others eat at the adults only restaurant. I played bingo again in there somewhere and won a facial and saw the toy story:the musical stage show in a theatre that had to be 30 below. after dinner we went to the pirate show on the pool deck and catch the fireworks. Yes the Disney ship can shoot fireworks.

The next day was disney's private island. mom and sd went tot he adults only beach while me and c1 hung out at the now empty pool. the benefits of everyone being on the island. we later went off and i spent most of my time either in the ocean with her or repositioning my chair so i can be in the shade of the umbrella. since we went late they had 2 for 1 happy hour. of course after i flagged down a waiter (very hard to come by on the family beach) i had 3 drinks. Also i was quietly complaining about the lack of a beach chair flag for drinks. my plans had been crushed. I played some more bingo and then we went back to the boat so i could say it with me now get another drink. c1 was at the kids club and i was quietly lounging in the adults only area. I wanted to get a picture with capt jack sparrow but the line was insane and then i tried hard to find capt hook and never did.

The cruise was overall pretty good but the food was really subpar. i only liked the food at animators and i did enjoy the adults only areas and c1 said she loved the kids club. the bed i slept in was all kinds of painful and i only went out to the deck once. also the last night the turbulence was insane. i couldn't sleep and i was dizzy the whole ride home.

I do want to go back, maybe not the cruise part but in 4 days at disney we did about half of what we wanted. still it was a much needed vacation even with the hiccups and general displeasure i get from spending that much time int he company of my family.

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