Monday, September 22, 2008

The most happiest place on Earth so they say

My still unemployed ass just got back from a weeklong vacation that was paid for well before i lost my job. I got to spend a whole lot of time with C1, my mom and stepfather in the happiest place on land and sea. I did the Disney Land and Sea vacation. 4 days at the park and 3 or maybe it was 4 days on a cruise ship. I'm exhausted.

Let's start by saying even the best laid plans have some hiccups. Like leaving my sneakers at home. i ran tot the car for my sunglasses putting on the first pair of shoes at the front door and forgot to take them off. I realized i had on flip flops when i got to the airport and halfway through security. Instead of giving in and either 1 returning home to change (i had enough time but not enough cash) or 2 buying a new pair with on vacation i did neither. i have a lovely bit of sunburn on my feet to prove it. But surprisingly my feet were not the most sore thing while i was on vacation. That would be my back and legs and now that i'm home my head.

I attempting to connect with not 1 but 3 of the ladies from my mom's group while at the mouse house. So not planned we just all happened to have overlapping vacations. C1 is tracked out and well Sept isn't exactly high season for florida so its cheap to do right about now. Anyway other then a few calls we never ran into each other. Its not a small world after all when you never see each other!

We stayed at the Polynesian Resort which is huge and a person with environmental allergies worse nightmare. yet they had 2 pools, a water slide, 3 restaurants including a 24 hour place, a boat marina and a beach. yeah we could have stayed there and not done a damn thing there was so much. You could even see the magic kingdom fireworks from the beach.

There isn't much to say about the Park section. other then i want to stay on property forever. I've been to Disney about 9 times starting with the first time when i was 6. Never once stayed on property and man where we missing a bunch! the convience of it all as well as not even needing a car made it great. We split up a few times me and C1 never made it to animal kindgom but hit up magic kingdom twice so i could ride my very favorite ride pirates of the Caribbean. My mom never made it to Hollywood studios and her husband never got over to Epcot except for dinner after ti closed. so much to do so little time but the lines were mostly non-existent. we got everything we could fit in with the longest line being Soaring at Epcot and Peter Pan at magic kingdom. sure we did fast passes when we could but for some rides like space mountain we walked right on, no line.

We saw many children in the mist or in full meltdown, even c1 asked to just go back to the room a few times. its a crazy place. We did character breakfast and pin trading and she got more than a few autographs (Disney is 1 giant conspiracy to separate you from your money) and i spent a whole lot of my budget on that part of the trip. Ok I'll admit i spent the most on myself at the pirate store. There was just so much going on and it was blazing hot on top of that, yet i managed to be photographed somewhere int he 40+ range. i know me, the photo hating woman dating a photographer. Unreal.

We had a few more mishaps but what do you expect on a vacation with me my mom and her husband. someones going to irritate someone else before the trip is over.

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