Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Holiday weekend madness

So i'm exhausted. I had all three of my NFL drafts this weekend. 1 sunday night at 10pm which was about 90 minutes long, 1 monday morning at 10am which was originally postponed from the day before and took a little under 2 hours and one monday night at 8:45pm. Combine that with the term paper from hell and i think my brain is pretty much fried. My draft psostion varied, i have 10th, 4th and 7th.

I went to a BBQ in sunday as well at a friends house. i coulnd't remeber the last time i'd been to a bbq its just one of those things i don't do but i had a great time, C1 had a blast playing witht he water slide and i went to hang at Steph's later.

Here's the thing. i hate most holidays and don't celbrate the major ones so how did i end up having a crazy as hell labor day and NOT go to atlanta or wrong island?

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