Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What time is it?

so for the first time since i've been laid off i overslept. I was on the phone late last night and then had a migraine so i took some meds finished my wine and dozed off. I also haven't sleep that good in ages. Anyway i got up and C1 had exactly 20 minutes to get to school or she would be late. I guess it helps that we live across the street from the school. You know those moms int he carpool lane with uncombed hair no makeup and most likely no undies and the clothes she slept in? that was me this morning just add a yankees cap.

Now its time to high tail it out the house. I'm still unemployed. Only had 2 interviews in the past month. I have been spending more time socializing with Steph because well she's fun. C1's braces come off in about 2 months and we are still preparing for the upcoming Disney trip. I need to post the pictures from Drag Bingo. Good times.

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