Thursday, July 17, 2008

Since the economy has gone to hell I decided sometime in january to do 2 things; live greener and go back to coupons. I started the greener living with the reusable bags i bought and posted about it here. As far as the couponing goes My mom sends me a mailer every 2-3 weeks of her coupons, i get my sunday paper solely for coupons, shop sales a the grocery store and i trade like mad. So I'm going to start posting about the best deal i've gotten that week. So here's one i was bragging talking to Raf about.

Target Deal
3 t-shirts for C1 4th of july style
2 packs of index cards
2 packs of loose-leaf paper
pack of 20 blue pens
pack of 10 red pens

Total spent $4.94.
the most expensive thing i bought was the 20 blue pens at 69¢

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