Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Keeping busy

So what's new with me? lets see i got an SUV a few months ago as a valentine's present to me and i still haven't posted the pictures as promised. i stepped down from all of my PTA responsibilities. i was overworked and understaffed. i really needed this break. they haven't found someone to take over all of my stuff yet so i'm technically still a chairwoman. I started yet another semester of school after finishing about 3 weeks ago. my GPA is holding steady at 3.78. C1 went to visit her granparents for a while then she came home and went to sleepaway camp for a week. she got really homesick but she still said she wants to go back next year. I got laid off at the end of the month. what can i say? i hated that job, and i hated the brown-noser more. at least i don't have to spend my weekdays listening to her bullshit and rude comments. i mean she has been a human resources nightmare from the moment i met her and she has no self-awareness. The only other thing is I'm posting this from my new laptop. my mom who's been saying it for what a year now got me a laptop. I've been hemming and hawing about getting it myself when the stimulus money but when i got laid off i pretty much put that on the back burner, but now i have it courtesy of that crazy lady who complains that i can't remember her wedding anniversary. (yeah not sure why that's a big deal to her either) but I'm still grateful so if i want to get out of the house and work on school stuff or when i go on the random vacation i have a laptop to keep me working and studying.

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