Thursday, October 23, 2008

Its Disney overload

C1 won tickets to an advanced screening of High School Musical 3 last night. That's right the movie with all that teen boy pretty. The movie that doesn't even come out till friday. So we went with a friend of mine and her daughter to go see the Wildcats. The theatre was filled with girls ages 12 and under with a small percentage of high schoolers (I'm guessing freshman) in the screening as well. We saw the whole movie and I already submitted the pooper but i was a bit disappointed. Shut up i have a 10 year old i've seen the 1st two movies more then 12 times each. I have the soundtracks on my iphone because she sometimes wants to listen to them in the car when she forgets her ipod. Anyway so we saw it and it really wasn't all that great. it wasn't terrible but it wasn't the 2nd film either which at least to me was a better movie. I've clearly watched those movies too much becsue i noticed all kinds of things like people missing from certain scenes, weird levels of hooyay, and the dancing was really forced this time around.

But the good think about advanced screening? only 2 trailers.

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