Wednesday, September 12, 2007

pot kettle conundrum

Ever have a moment where your not sure if you should feel sorry for the person bitching the one taking the blame or the situation that caused it? I was in the drive thru at mickey d's the other day. I was patiently waiting when the voice of the woman in the Subaru in front of me (who was yelling into the speaker BTW) startled me. she had a voice or should i say she had a tone very similar to a ex in-law. it was all I'm snotty and look at me. She was ordering mcnuggets and cheeseburgers. when the guy asked what kind of sauce she said i don't know what sauce what are your options. I don't think he answered because i couldn't make it out but by then she was yelling into the speaker 'why cant you read it to me' 'you can't read!' 'i want to know my options.' so that made me think. 1- your in mickey d's and no she didn't have out of state plates. if your not sure of something go inside. 2- was it necessary to bitch about his inability to read you the dipping sauces? 3- in her defense he should have known the answer 4- the application to work there is available in both English and Spanish, you don't have to read anything because you have picture options (or at least they did) because of what's going on in our educational system children are being taught to use calculators not count. the drive thru is 70% hispanic 25% high schooler 5- feel sorry for myself because i was tired and just wanted to get my food and drive home and got to bed.

Who knew Mickey d's could be thought provoking?

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