Friday, September 7, 2007

Sometimes you can't win for losing

Today was just really one of those days. This morning was c1's braces. we got the office at 8am waited for a bit i went to the back while she got settled then went back up to reception to deal with some PTA stuff, transfer appointments into my calendar and what maroon 5 on the early show. I we left about 90 minutes and i drove her to school and continued on to work. i had already lost 2 hours of the work day which i don't get paid for and i was still wincing from writing the $400 check to pay for the braces. Anyway it was a typically busy Friday at work and i get a call from he school around lunch time. C1 popped one of her braces while eating lunch. i then check my email and i have a voicemail (i love vonage) from the track out camp. it turns out they are missing her immunization records. the same records they told me when i registered her that they already had. With the panic of trying to get a doctor's office to send over records on a friday afternoon i did an end-around and got her summer camp to forward them for me since its an affiliate. i then get another call and she popped another 2 braces. this is completely unreal. i rush out to get lunch and i end up witht he wrong salad dressing. I get stalled at work in my several attempts to leave in order to get to carpool which i never use since she goes to afterschool everyday. I get out the door 1 0 minutes late get stuck behind 2 trucks and a slow moving minivan in the left lane. and sure enough i get a call from the school when I'm about 3 minutes away. Carpool is over and she's sitting in the office waiting for me. I get tot he school flustered beyond repair and head over to the dentist we emerge an hour later. then decided to only put 2 of the 3 back, change the position and make them tighter so they will move her teeth faster. I'm truly exhausted frustrated and there's a secret thing going on in my personal life that was completely prevented because of today's events. this has been a bad week already and its been terrible since last firday. I think i need to eat some ice cream and go lay down.

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