Monday, October 1, 2007

Pass the ace bandage

I know I've been gone a bit. Those that have spoken to my lately know I'm going thru some personal stuff that was really taking its toll. Its not all handled but i took a break away from my life this weekend and went to DC. I got invited to a 30th birthday party on Saturday. Considering all the craziness in my life i was looking forward to it on many levels. While the club was crowded and i had to wander around for a taxi about 20 minutes, oh and i had a really bad drink that made me sick; the day of the party was pretty good. I got there in good time i stayed at a really nice hotel for dirt cheap (the Westin Grand is now on my repeat stay list) and i got to see some old friends. The next morning after praying to the porcelain thrown to get rid of that bad drink, i treated myself to room service learned that i drunk dialed TOM. It was so accidental its weird. I called him to say i was back in the room and instead of hanging up I just kept rambling on into his vm. My snarkiness is rubbing off on him because he had way to much fun with it. i left thinking i'd get home in good time but 95 had another plan and it took me twice as long to get home. the drive was dreadful on many levels.

Now i must got wrap my knee which has been killing me for a week now.

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