Sunday, July 1, 2007

Moving forward, I'll always have my memories

Nana died last week Thursday. I was on the phone and now i don't recall with who, but my mom beeped in on the call waiting sobbed said just that one line and hung up. I collapsed into a ball on my bedroom floor and just sat there till i had enough composure to call hellish K. I gave her my list of who to contact for me and then i cried myself to sleep. Me and C1 caught a flight up here on Sunday afternoon, and the funeral was Tuesday. Looking back its amazing how much work you can get accomplished when your trying to keep busy instead of grieving.

C1 came with me to the wake and funeral but nothing else. (death as taught me 2 new words, interment & repast) I sent her to spend the rest of her day with my other grandma, the one i went to the beach with just last month. After the madhouse at my Nana's house. I swear i really do hate my family and the way some of them attempting to ransack her house and take her stuff. They all went home buy Thursday and I'm still here till the end of this week. My mom has her good and bad days, today was her birthday and yesterday while at dinner with her husband she broke down when she realized her mom wouldn't send her a birthday card for the first time. But all in all we are doing ok. I'll miss my Nana forever we only fought because we loved each other so much.

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