Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back to the grind and the heat followed

it is hella hot. Yes i know its July and i live in the south but still, no rain makes it stifling. I came home a few days ago and as of now my mom and her sister aren't speaking, her brother disbarred lawyer isn't talking to her and she isn't talking to his wife. I have no words for most of them as well as one of my cousins. Funerals really bring out the ugly.

In other news i had to admit to get back on track and i never missed my bed so much in my life. Sleeping on an aerobed for 2 weeks isn't remotely as bad as sleeping next to a kid that kicks and slaps you at night. oh and she talks in her sleep just like her dad. We spent the weekend running on half errands and going school shopping for the stuff on her supply list. $50 later we left Staples. Today was her first day of 4th grade and yeah I'm nervous. She came home with way to many fliers leaflets and info cards oh and her new planner. She's very excited and she said she got 2 new classmates but she can't remember everyone that left. Kids and their memories.

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