Thursday, July 26, 2007

Yes ma'am we have a great payment plan

So umm what's worse... Getting a payment plan for C1's $1390 braces and telling people well it could be worse it cold be her WHOLE mouth or realizing while rifling through your bag that your dyslexia struck again and said braces cost $1930?

The days just keep getting better. This has been an interesting week. We had open house at the school on Tuesday night (relatively good, i got lots of people informed about our schools passive fund raising) and spent all night walking around with a name tag. I also met C1's new teacher, nice guy with a line-eye view of my rack. Ok only when I'm in heels but dude comes up to my chin...tops. Speaking of heels target is having a massive shoes sale and me the woman that owns 12 pairs of shoes tops just bought 4 pairs. In my defense i got all 4 colors and they were $4.48 a pair. I'm been driving all over creation trying to finish this massive to-do list i made and stuck to my dashboard (not done yet) and i have a mid-term this week. I'm looking forward to slowing down some time int he near future and since i've let the old man back in my life he's staying in my good graces for now.

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