Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Called on account of darkness

Am i becoming one of 'those moms'? that was running through my mind all day today. C1 had tutoring and a softball game. I am i very big on not over scheduling her. i see these kids that are mediocre at everything and burnt out by 5th grade and i don't want that to be her, hell she even has a girl on her time that was picked up from school taken to swim team, then half of her tennis lessons so she can make it to softball practice on monday and the mom's words were well she doesn't want to do anything and we are not having that so she's doing as much as possible. The girl has done soccer and karate. I still feel a bit of guilt whenever c1 has more then one activity in a day or when we get home late but maybe it will pass. So i sat in my lawn chair and watched c1's game and she came up to back with 2 outs they were down by one and she grounded out to first. She was a bit upset but when i reminded her that there was a girl on 2nd and that she couldn't have gotten an rbi she let it go. well that and the prospect of ice cream after the game. I try.

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