Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Round and round that bush thingy

This has been a crazy few weeks. C1 started softball and I'm snack mom. I finished my Business class and got a B. To make things even crazier this was the week of teacher appreciation and my busy pta stuff including organizing a luncheon. Thankfully the luncheon went really well although i have to bitch about the fact that i invited 65 people and only 37 rsvp'd and 58 showed up. Things like that make me not complain about lack of manners and courtesy in children when teachers can send a damn email so i can give a caterer a real headcount.
All in all I've learned something. As the school year ends i don't hate the PTA harpies that much anymore. I do have severe loathe for some of the staff members at my child's school. I'm really not the best person to deal with these things well. Somebody's going to end up on the wrong side of a harden girl from Brooklyn.

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