Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sun, Surf, Shopping and Relatives oh my!

Just got back the beach yall. Wow did i really just write yall? I've been living here entirely too long. Well this memorial day weekend Oh the request of my beloved grandmother i loaded up the car and me and the kid made our annual trek down to myrtle beach. I got to my grandma's place before her thats in no part to my aunt whom I loathe. She calls me complaining beucase she got my grandmother to rent a suv for the time we are at the beach and she either booked a Jeep Liberty or they ran out of cars. I never got an exact explanation other then she was even more upset that when she got from Charleston tot he beach they didn't have any suv's left. Hmm its memorial day weekend and its happens to be the tail end of bike week ya think?

I only stayed till Tuesday due to the fact that in this wretched state i have to renew my drivers license in person well that and the fact my craptastic job give me very little vacation time. I couldn't afford to go without pay. C1 had fun, i did some back to school shopping, (hey the kid goes to year-round school and it starts in July) and i only fought with my aunt twice. That has to be a record. I was a bit disappointed that all my attempts to met up with my friend Mike didn't work out to well and a phone call from my ex followed my the service by the most forgetful waitress in the world during my grandmother's birthday dinner was making for a long LONG day.

On a side note in my rush to get ready for the beach the girl in t e nail salon painted my toes a bright fire engine red with gold sparkles. Looks cute though.

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