Thursday, October 11, 2012

Movie Review: Seven Psychopaths

 A drunken screenwriter, a shady old man, a loose cannon friend and the dog of a local crime boss. No matter what the posters tell you Seven Psychopaths is a story about Marty (Colin Farrell) the drunken Irish writer who's attempting to complete his script 7 Psychopaths. Except he has nothing to work with and he's usually drunk. His best friend Billy (Sam Rockwell) really wants to help him write it. Billy spends his time with Hans (Christopher Walken) They run a stolen dog racket, Billy steals the dog and Hans returns returns it for the reward money. All is well and good till Billy steals the beloved dog of Charlie (Woody Harrelson) the gangster. Charlie is straight up crazy and Billy was fully aware when he stole the dog who it belonged to. Of course Hans doesn't and to make matters worse, Marty gets caught with the dog. Charlie is so crazy he goes all street justice on the dog walker who lost it. Charlie loves his shih-tzu more than anything else. The dog's collar says “Return to Charlie or you fucking die”

Now don't forget Marty’s still got a story to write and Billy places an ad in the paper calling for people who are Psychopaths to give their story. This is how we get Zachariah (Tom Waits) who carries a bunny and answers the ad. Zack's story is hilarious and so twisted it hurts as you alternate between cringing and crying tears of hysterical laughter. Zack's a special kind of psychopath. At this point they are numbered as they are revealed during the movie. Marty billy and Hans spend the majority of time together. As the movie progresses the 3 of them are working on the screenplay together as they are hiding out from Charlie. The 3 of them together is hysterical. They manage to finish the story and there's a screen where Billy gives his version of how the film should end which opens up for an insane amount of Walken brand of badass like he was in a Tarantino film.

The movie has a good wrap it up ending. Its not a happy one but its a good one to me. This movie is dark and twisted and is a special brand of humor. Don't go because you like Farrell or Walken, go because you like dark comedies similar to Weeds, or Archer or you sometimes get sucked into the subreddits far more often than a little bit. This is not your typical movie, sure its super violent but its not an action film and it can't be taken in like that. I give this movie a full price. What the hell I enjoyed the shit out of this movie. I was in tears about half the time and there's some really quotable lines in this. Make sure you stick around through the credits for a bonus scene with Zachariah. 

Seven Psychopaths is rated R. 


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