Thursday, October 18, 2012

Movie Review: Alex Cross

The Alex Cross franchise has gotten a reboot with a younger actor. But really who can take the place oF God? When Idris Elba stepped out of this literally at the last possible minute we get Tyler Perry who is not remotely known for anything of substance. I guess this is his "serious acting” role. Yeah OK.

I’m going to get the main thing out of the way I've never read the James Patterson books, although the kid has read some of his newer juvenile fiction books. The story here is that we have the earlier Alex Cross, hence using someone many decades younger than Morgan Freeman. Cross is looking for a serial killer? No wait he's an assassin? An MMA fighter? Matthew Fox who's insanely slimmed down plays a hired assassin “The Butcher” with the crazy eyes. He's like the guys on Criminal Minds but he looks like they do after they start de-evolving. He likes to torture people. Shoots them up with a paralyzing drug that makes them completely immobile but fully aware of what they are going thru and feeling. He's sick, twisted and likes to draw things while in his manic moments. I actually had high hopes for Fox here but they should have dialed down the crazy if they wanted to make him a believable hired contract killer or ramped up the crazy and have him be a straight serial killer. This inbetween is so bizarre. He does look pretty impressive though when he's all crazy eyes.

This is his serious thinking face. 

Perry's performance on the other hand is wooden at best. His facial expressions fail to match his tone, he hasn't dropped nearly enough weight for this role and when he monologues its just bad. I couldn't be convinced if you paid me. The worse thing is, I can't even blame the failings of this movie on him. The script is BAD. There's very little saving this movie. You know the only good thing in this whole entire movie? This guy.

Edward Burns, bringing the comic relief and only highlight.

There's lots of people in this that feel like they are mailing it in. Jean Reno as the french tycoon Leno who's revitalizing Detroit and next on the assassin’s list. He mailed it in and picked up a sandwich on his way out. Cicely Tyson as Nana Mama. Really? Did we have to go there? Is this in the books? I think I’m supposed to be offended. I have no idea. Just when I’m ready to pack it in Giancarlo Esposito shows up for three reasons:

1- to justify the insane plot device they just made up where Alex and Tommy go all rogue to steal evidence and become hackers
2- to give even more product placement to Cadillac
3- to keep him in the running for hardest working man of 2012 since Samuel L. Jackson seems to be taking a vacation.

All it makes me think was that he could have probably been a better choice of Alex Cross but that wouldn't have saved this movie with a script this sketchy. And the big fight scene with Alex and the Butcher? What the hell happened, was the cameraman drunk? What is on Rob Cohen's mind here? Shaky cam is not always a plus. Every time you think you might have something redeeming in this film it lets you down again, Alex's wife can't even die well.

This is not the worse thing I've seen this year, and the fact that I need to point that out is pretty sad. I'm still not a Tyler Perry fan and he clearly is not ready for dramatic anything. They need to seriously rethink recasting this for the sequel and getting a better screenwriter while they are at it.

I give this movie a wait for cable. You will be disappointed if you pay for this. Alex cross is rated PG-13.


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