Friday, September 28, 2012

Movie Review: Pitch Perfect

I’m pretty sure the success of Glee is the reason this movie got made. Having seen exactly 2 episodes of Glee, but an entire season of The Sing Off I figured I would give this movie a try. Worse case scenario I'd have new songs to add to one of my playlists on Spotify.

Pitch Perfect tries to grab you from the gate with the College a cappella championships where 2 teams from the same school are competing, sure its all singing and dancing but then they totally throw in a vomit comet you don't see coming and yes its pretty gross. Cut forward to the 1st day of school at Barden University where we get to meet Beca (Anna Kendrick) incoming freshman, who wants to be a music producer and move to LA but her dad is a professor at Barden and so she has to go. The two a capella groups are there with all the other clubs, the Bellas led by Aubrey and Chloe (Brittany Snow) after the fiasco at last years championship can't convince anyone to try out. They are old-school, tired and look just like they walked out of a Mad Men episode, the Treblemakers on the other had have their pick and are approached by Jeese (Sklyar Astin) who wants to score movies when he gets out of college and Benji who has an insane level of fandom for Star Wars and magic, both can sing but of course Bumper, the leader isn't going to want the weird kid.

The movie truly doesn't get going till we meet Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) every screen she's in is comedy gold, I was in tears with the sandwich screen, but she is clearly the main reason to even want to see this movie. The singing is good as to be expected, the audition where everyone sings Since You've Been Gone, the scene with the riff-off where all the a capella teams have a round robin sing-off based on the given category unless they get clapped out was very enjoyable. The only other times you really will enjoy are during the competitions, the announcer team of John (John Michael Higgins) and Gail (Elizabeth Banks) keep up the smiles while trading the insults. Its a total win just with their banter.

I give this movie a Redbox. Its entertaining, its catchy but its not amazing. I enjoyed myself but all I can think about is what will Fat Amy do next while the rest of the movie was cute as much as I like potty humor the barf jokes were way unnecessary. I’m just as content to follow the movie's Tumblrpage which is more entertaining.

Pitch Perfect is Rated PG-13.


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