Friday, September 28, 2012

Movie Review: Looper

Hired assassins who work for mobsters from the future. Looper is the story about Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who lives in Kansas in 2044. He's a Looper where his job is to kill anyone sent back from the future. He's given a time and location, and its his job to kill the person sent back and dispose of the body. The reason being that its too hard to get rid of bodies in the future.

There's something called a closed loop, its when a Looper had to kill his future self. You get a massive payday and you're retired to live out the next 30 years of your life till you you get grabbed by the mob so they can close your loop. No one seems to think this is odd or the fact that your final job is of you killing yourself but its pretty lawless in the future, people are starving, hungry, homeless and the mobsters rule certain cities to the point where they own and control the police openly. The Loopers are run by Abe (Jeff Daniels) who controls the town. He was sent from the future and apparently all time travel is a one way deal, he has the loopers who kill the people sent from the future and the Gat men who are his hired muscle for the everyday around the city missions. Loopers carry Blunderbusses, Gat men carry high caliber longer range, more precision guns. Also in this future 10% of the population are TK's, they have low level telekinesis and can do weak parlor tricks like making quarters float and spin.

Young Joe doesn't seem to question too much of anything about his job, he has his favorite hooker a constantly underdressed and underused Piper Perabo, he's saving his money for when his loop is closed so he can move to France, and he's a drug addict who thinks he's got it under control. When his only friend Seth, fails to close his own loop we see the grim side of what happens when a Looper fails at their job. When the time comes Joe is sent his future self closes his loop and we get to see the next 30 years of his life, of course what happens is what causes Old Joe (Bruce Willis) when his time comes to have his loop closed doesn't go quietly. Its a time travel movie so there's a few jumps between time and a few scenes repeated as par for the course. Joe has a reason he doesn't want to die in 30 years and the information of the future as to why loops are being closed and he wants to stop his. In the middle of all this is Sara (Emily Blunt) who's farm young Joe ends up at at, she's there with her super smart son Cid. This kid was a casting gem. As you get more into the story, young Joe's mission becomes clear to him, the dangers of time travel and how your memories get sharp or fuzzy based on what Old and Young Joe do while on the run from Abe's guys keeps you roped in. All the Looper contracts are being closed by the Rainmaker, old Joe's there to kill him and once you make the connection that Cid is the Rainmaker you know all possible outcomes are going to eat away at you. The future is dismissal but old Joe has a slice of life worth saving to him. Old Joe is married, clean and happy. He has to do this no matter how hard it is because the Rainmaker takes him away from his wife.

I really enjoyed this movie, for once a huge key element isn't given out in the trailer, I was completely surprised by it and things I expected to happen did not. Plus this kid Cid, highlight of the whole damn movie, keeps you invested in this movie even though Bruce Willis hair throughout the years is so comical you can't help but stare at it.

I give this movie a Matinee. It was great, just not the best thing I’ve seen this year, good enough to pay for sure but it just slightly fell short. The ending is just so final and unexpected but fits when you stop and think about it. I found myself dwelling on the ending for a while, there were a few ways they could have taken it but thats what they chose.

Looper is Rated R.


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