Tuesday, January 24, 2012

T-shirt Tuesday - Colombiana

This week's T-shirt i received in a giveaway from 43KixRaleigh. They had a contest a while back and i won. Here's what was in the package.

Pretty cool movie themed prizes

Of course i was excited to see there were shirts in the package.
The Darkest Hour shirt was a bit on the small side and the Colombiana shirt was big on my but a good enough fit that i could wear it. I know i usually post a picture of me wearing the shirt but after about 8 shots there was no way to get a good enough picture where you could see all the letters. I gave up. Here's a closer shot of the shirt.

See the splatter on the 2nd "O"?

The shirt is well made which is a plus That doesn't always happen with studio promo items. Its a dark grey shade so i can wear it with anything, not that i wear much more than jeans but i'm a gunmetal grey girl anyway. I don't know if its available for sale sorry i can't point you to any links. I will go to redbox and go rent the movie though to see how it is.

Disclosure: I won the shirt from a contest. I was not aware that the prize would include a shirt until i opened the box and was under no obligation to talk about my prize.

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