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Movie Review - Haywire

Haywire (film)
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Thanks to a contest i scored some advanced screening passes to Haywire. I had only seen the TV trailers which don't show too much so i wasn't paying much attention to all the people in the movie besides Ewan McGregor and Channing Tatum and a MMA fighter. When i looked at the poster i saw Antonio Banderas, Michael Douglas and Bill Paxton were in it. And well its a Steven Soderbergh film so i'm already stoked.

Haywire stars Gina Carano as Mallory Kane a private contractor for hire. In typical form she gets set up and spends the whole movie tracking those who set her up , staying 1 step ahead of all those trying to kill her, and also figuring who's really behind it. Its fast paced, (the fight from the trailers between her and Channing Tatum happen in the beginning of the film) She is total bad -ass this whole film. It rarely slows down she's on her game and she's in it to beat the crap of of those who try to stop her from getting those who set her up. Movies like this don't need much to be said about them, there's a plot and there's lots of action it just flows right on to the end. The ending completely worked for me. There were some coming out of the screening who didn't like the ending but, for me it was perfect.

There was so much i loved about this movie. Its fast-paced. Gina is great in this, everything about her character is believable, Ewan McGregor's haircut is a little sketchy but otherwise everything about this movie was spot on. If this is the bar for action movies this year, the rest of the field needs to know to bring it.

I rate this movie 4 out of 5, Pay full price and go see it.

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