Sunday, November 13, 2011

What Black Friday means to me

As soon as the Trick-or-treaters got  back in the house it seems like the black Friday deals were popping up. Scans of ads seem earlier this year and its a good time to look and plan out your shopping trip for this year. I have been looking over the scanned ads from Brad's Deals and seeing just what people are probably going to be rushing to get.

Notice how i said what others are rushing to get.

Sure i look and i scan and i even go out on black friday this year i might even buy something but the reason i look forward to black friday is not for the deals its for the people watching and the best place to people watch is by far the Supercenter of Doom WalMart.

The past 3 years or so i get up on black friday just like everyone else at O-dark-thirty, throw on some clothes, grab a coffee and drive to Wally World. I then wait for the doors to open and i walk over to a bench in front of the registers and i people watch. The more i do it the more i think all psychology students should do this as well. Sitting on the bench i'm far enough away from the chaos of the aisles but close enough to see the running, the fighting, the cash register yelling, the people who bring their children and then lose them, all which still never ceases to amaze me.

The view is mesmerizing. I just can't help myself i end up sitting there for an hour easy just watching, and gasping at the sights. I've gone to other stores and i've never been that amazed by the crowds. Staples, Target, Michaels just don't have the same level of controlled disorder. By the time the big doorbusters are gone the crowds calm down and that's my cue to get up and shop elsewhere. I then leisurely get up and hit one of the store that were on my list. This year i'm leaning towards Staples. I only want one item but in years past i can usually still get it even a few hours after the store open. Then i gladly get to return to my bed for a few more hours.

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