Friday, October 21, 2011

Product Reviews: Secret Clinical Deodorant

I received a year's supply of Secret Clinical Waterproof Deodorant in the mail as part of a Kloutperk. First i have to admit that i was surprised to open the box and find that it contained on 4 sticks. While i don't really pay attention to how fast i go thru deodorant i was expecting roughly 6 containers. I was almost at the end of the current stick of Dove so i started using the Secret a day later. This was my first time ever using Secret Clinical Waterproof. I haven't used any of the Secret line in probably year. I'm not opposed to it i just buy whatever if the best price out of that, Degree for Women and Dove. I have purchased a travel sized sized Secret which my daughter has used but i've never used it myself.

The directions say to use twice a day, and to use 2 clicks worth. I will admit i didn't use according to directions. I'm a once a day deo person unless its the dead of summer, I sleep alone i don't put it on again after my shower at night to go to bed. I did not change my habits. i ended up using the 2 clicks per arm once a day. I will admit i didn't use it every day. I went to the beach, and took 2 trips and i didn't pack it, i have deodorant in my travel bag so i didn't switch it out. The secret stayed in my bathroom at home so basically every night i slept in my own home i used it without fail. I spent around 17 days not using the Secret Clinical.

i did like it the protection was good even in the 90 degree southern summers. There were days where i was on vacation and i was wishing i did have it because i had wet pits halfway thru the day while with the secret it only happened once. The product is good definitely worth buying for use in the summers. As for the years supply? About that...

As i said i received 4. Using it once a day (and adding the 17 days i didn't use it) one stick lasted 79 days. That doesn't add up does it? Even with my once daily use and days i didn't use it it still didn't reach 90 days needed for 4 sticks to make a years supply. On my usages i need 5 sticks maybe 6. Someone who uses it as directed probably needs closer to 10 on more.

While the size was worthy of questioning that doesn't change that it is a really good product. I would spend my own money to purchase it no question, i just have to be mindful that the size of the pacakging means i will have to purchase a bit more often.

Disclosure: I was given a free product or sample because I'm a Klout influencer. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.


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