Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wait you want what?

While i realize that Thanksgiving isn't even here yet, i've been made aware that several people on twitter have put up their christmas decorations. I will point out these are all those who don't do the real trees. The thought isn't lost on me, C1 and i discussed when we would be putting up the tree, the menorah and all the other stuff. Right now its hinging on the cleanliness of my living room as well as the planned location of everything due to the purchase of brand new living room furniture in May. So we may be a lot further behind than originally expected.

As per the insistence of the grandparents and their very deep pockets the wish list has been written for over a month. it still drives me slightly batty that C1's list has to be ready and sent to them in september. preferably by LABOR DAY. i shit you not.

Her list this year continues to amaze me. I'm always surprised that i have zero idea what she wants even though i live with her all year. here's her list:

a scooter ( human power)
the new blythe littlest pet shop doll with pet
a second day care center in a new version ( not the one I have)
a princess shop for Ariel
a royal castle that go with it so my toy will have a new home with a bed and a place to work
safety pads because my old ones don't fit anymore
the new Pokemon video game for Wii poke park
movie hallow's moving castle
movie my neighbor totoro   
a video camera
snuggie (plain)
gift cards like target and justice

So off the top i'm thinking she really still wants toys? i've shocked considering the lack of dolls and toys that are used in this house. but hey what do i know? the snuggie cracked me up. she was very specific about this one. No designs, one color and preferably white. 
The official logo of Pokémon, the English vari...Image via Wikipedia
Ahh pokemon. The toy that i STILL haven't figured out the age range. 
I'm pokemon'd out. 

Have i mentioned her new thing?
When i get home she talks to me for an hour straight, usually about pokemon and i'm not allowed to talk or interrupt. 
Just listen to the fabulous world of pokemon. 

The rest of the list has some oddities on it. 
Princess shop for Ariel? there is no Ariel doll in this house.
Little pet shop? house rule must be bought with her allowance because i keep stepping on them in the middle of the night. You have legos i have mini pet thingees.
Royal Castle? I threw it out early this year because it was damaged beyond repair. We got it in Disney World special shipment house. Not happening again.
Not sure why she wants a scooter. We still have the thrice ridden bike but i love how she specified human powered. 
On a whole the grandparents got this all covered. Half this stuff is in my house already because its been shipped here. she purposely created a birthday list but there's only 2 items on there, guitar hero and the same gift cards from the other list. 

i'm going to mess with her a bit this year though. I plan on buying Howl's Moving Castle the book and the movie. i know the movie is drastically different from the book but she likes books in that genre so i think she will enjoy the book. 

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