Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas with the cranks

And I'm not sure who's the crank me or the parents.

i was lucky enough to be off of work fro 2 weeks over the holidays which means its time for our annual trek to wrong island. we weren't even planning to leave till Saturday night at the earliest but impatient c1 started packing Wednesday i think. whatever. So while c1 drove me crazy with the packing re-packing and did i say premature packing? we end up leaving after 9pm Sunday night. The drive was not bad at all, and we got here before sunrise. C1 was greeted warmly by my mom who proceeded to tell her that her bed was ready, and then she turned to me and said get off my couch you are not to sleep there, go figure something out in the basement. Ouch. it only took a few minutes before the 1st reminder I'm so not a guest here.

I was exhausted from the 9 hour drive so i crawled up in c1's twin bed with her while she slapped and coughed on me because i had zero energy to even get a bed out to sleep on. I woke up a little after 11am and was then called lazy and welcome to the land of the living. Again no one remembers i just drove overnight by myself? WTF??

i got to spend Monday night grocery shopping. the things i can get up here, I've forgotten already! i wasn't exactly happy to do it but it was a necessary evil. You see my parents have 2 fridges and a deep freezer each one is completely full to the brim but there's nothing to eat. they hoard food. i found bags of seafood parts and chicken parts for stock that will never get made, a cake int he freezer that's been there at least 3 years, 3 lbs of collard greens, yet they haven't cooked in this house in weeks. $95 dollars later i think i have some food for me and the kid for the next 2 weeks. i had to deal with HFCS bread, non-organic dairy and other things but we aren't here long and i wasn't in the mood to have that discussion when she offered to pay for the food.

Only 1 day it can only get worse.

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