Thursday, December 25, 2008

Are we having fun yet?

So its Christmas. last night's dinner was on so awesome but i didn't get to bring any leftovers home. i did get a belly full of food and 5 jumbo glasses of wine down. That is always the highlight of my trip. Anyway we got home a little before 1am and c1 asked to open her presents. i was really sleepy but i recall hearing my mom say sure so we all opened gifts last night. c1 got so much stuff my mom really did go overboard this year, and i got a new GPS, a power-drill (apparently c1 said i needed one) she must have heard me cursing about the cheap one i currently have, and a gold and platinum watch. And as usual my mom left the price tags on. this watch is huge and expensive. I'm afraid to wear it because i might damage it. y'all know i dont do jewelry, but apparently she thought by $50 watch which needed a new battery every 8 months was inferior. umm ok. Well the good news was i got to sleep till almost noon.

So now its about time for me to take c1 to her aunts house to spend time with the other side of the family. Her father called me for the 1st time in 6 months to ask when i was taking her over. not so fast he just wants to know so he can keep me from coming in his sisters house. i told him he'll see us when we get there.

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